Joanne Rivens, Executor, August 2018

“Sarah Halpin was a God send! As the executor of an Estate located on the opposite coast from where I reside, I traveled to California to interview potential realtors to list my sister’s house. I interviewed fifteen agents, some offered the moon, some felt as if they were selling me the house, and some even brought gifts. I found Sarah through another source. When she arrived, there were no frills or blowing of smoke, she had a folder where she showed all the research she already completed, not just comps, she went to the assessor’s office and pulled permits, liens, and history. She was well informed and not pushy. Of course, not wanting to deal with anything I went with the guy who promised the moon, problem was he would not put it in writing. When I reached back to Sara she was more then willing to take on the listing.

Sarah was incredibly helpful and diligent. From start to finish we had the house sold in four months, that included a long probate court process. Thanks Sarah!”

​Lisa Carrrington, March 2018

“I feel compelled to write a review for Sarah Halpin, our amazing realtor. We have known Sarah for more than 10 years. She assisted with leasing our family home when our parents passed away and made the entire transition simple in a difficult time. She always went above and beyond, helping us source and hire service providers and finding us the most responsible tenants.

Two months ago when we decided to sell, she advised us regarding how to maximize return and the best process to follow. We put the house on the market and, exactly according to the plan, we received 11 offers, the majority over the asking price, just as she had strategized.
She created an incredibly detailed spreadsheet so that we could better understand the variances in the offers. Her painstaking attention to detail and sharp analysis of all offers was invaluable to us and we closed with an all cash 10 day offer far exceeding our expectations for profit.

Sarah is smart, strategic, ethical and kind, and we highly recommend you buy/sell/lease your property with her. We trust her implicitly to garner the best results possible.”

Kathy Thompson, November 2017

“Without reservation I recommend Sarah Halpin as an excellent realtor. I have bought and sold several houses and Sarah is by far the most knowledgeable, effective, responsive and hard-working realtor I have had. Sarah guided me through the sale of my deceased brother’s home in Eagle Rock. I live in Virginia which could have made the process slower and more stressful. I made a number of trips to get the house ready and throughout felt that Sarah was my advocate always ahead in what needed to be done, when, and how in order to get the best sale possible. The house sold quicker and for a higher price because of Sarah’s hard-work, competence, and commitment. For all prospective sellers and buyers: if you are lucky enough to be in Sarah Halpin’s area you cannot do better for a successful, effective, responsive and hard-working realtor.”

Nick Pemberton, September 2017

“We are return customers of Sarah’s, having now worked with her on the buying and selling sides. I can say, without a doubt, we had the best service imaginable. Sarah is responsive, always on, always available, polite, professional, articulate, and a skilled negotiator. She has a great eye on the market and is able to spot ideas, strategies, and trends many others might miss. She is also very good at recognizing where and when to stay out of trouble, and has great patience and timing. Sarah is excellent at making you aware of all variables and factors at play in any potential transaction, so you can feel confident you are making the most informed decision possible. You can also feel confident she always has your best interests at heart. Buying or selling a home can be one of the most stressful events in life, but with Sarah, it is very nice having the peace of mind that she is always in your corner, every step of the way, and that whether buying or selling, she is helping you make the best decisions possible. In the future, if we buy or sell again, we will definitely be coming to Sarah.”

Bob and Dori Mammano, July 2017

“We chose Sarah Halpin of Markey & Associates and couldn’t have been more pleased at how that worked out. She guided all our efforts at getting the house ready to show: empting the house of furnishings, cleaning it inside and out, making needed repairs, and gathering all the information necessary for prospective buyers. Within two weeks the house could be shown and in three weeks we were in the enviable position of receiving 13 offers, all but one at higher than our asking price. And most importantly, she successfully negotiated the various contingencies satisfying the desires of both seller and buyer so that closing was smooth, uneventful, and quick.So, many thanks, Sarah. We couldn’t be more satisfied and would be happy to supply any added details to any prospective new client for your agency.”

Todd Pinsky, June 2017

“Sarah Halpin is an old-school realtor in the very best sense. She is a very fair and diplomatic person, and also brings a sense of dedication and thoroughness to the work. Her ethics and just plain good manners were so refreshing, especially these days when such qualities can seem like a thing of the past. We had been through a tough experience with another agent before contacting Sarah (on the highest recommendation of a close friend), and the difference could not have been more pronounced. Our sale was not an easy one, with numerous bumps in the road, including a couple of very difficult buyers’ agents. She consulted with us very closely and very consistently, and helped us navigate several difficult (and unforeseen) strategic decisions. This deal required a steady hand and a lot of perseverance, and Sarah was a “Go-To” person at every moment. She was always cheerful yet realistic when the going got tough, and although it is a cliche, I’ll say we couldn’t have done it without her. I would recommend Sarah Halpin in a heartbeat. Highest marks all around!”

Laura Pinsky, June 2017

“I don’t even know where to start to talk about Sarah Halpin. She exceeded our expectations in so many ways that I couldn’t possibly write about them all. We had a particularly challenging sale. First, the house, although it was in a desirable neighborhood, was not in particularly good shape. Secondly, we as sellers were a brother and sister pair who, while well meaning, have VERY different personalities. Our first offer fell through – the buyers and their agent were flaky. But luckily, Sarah’s sales strategy left us with a terrific backup offer. But those buyers had never actually seen the house – they lived in China. And their broker was not always communicative or helpful. Sarah was a skillful negotiator, driving a great deal for us while gracefully managing the cultural issues that exist in such a situation. She navigated all of the twists and turns like the pro that she is. Through all of this, Sarah was calm, demonstrated her tremendous thoughtfulness and expertise through the advice she offered to us, while always making sure that we knew that the ultimate decision was ours. We could not have asked for a better partner in this transaction. She fought for us every step of the way with grace, humor and patience. She artfully managed the differences in personalities between my brother and I so that we both felt secure and comfortable in our own way. Her follow up and dedication to communication every step of the way went far beyond my expectations. There is simply nothing else to say about Sarah except that I feel that anyone who chooses to partner with her in any real estate transaction will be lucky indeed.”

Rozella Oliver and Evan Davis, January 2017

“When we moved to Southern California from the East Coast a little over 10 years ago, we needed a real estate agent who we could trust and who knew the Pasadena/South Pasadena/San Marino market inside and out. Several colleagues and friends recommended Sarah to us, and we are so grateful that they did.

Picky about what we were looking for, Sarah guided us through our search for the perfect starter house. Always responsive, she made herself available to see houses and was ready with the pertinent information about the homes we viewed. She helped us prepare a strong offer — and advised us where we needed to go with a counter offer — to be the winning bid on a bungalow in South Pasadena that became our home. After purchasing our new home, Sarah was invaluable in helping us find the services and referrals needed to begin our lives in our new house.

Ten years later when our family outgrew our bungalow, we turned to Sarah to help us sell our home. Once again, her experience proved priceless. With attention to detail and a command of the current micro-real estate market in South Pasadena, Sarah helped us prepare our home for listing, gave thoughtful comments about staging, drafted our disclosure documents in a timely manner, and repeatedly checked the house to ensure it was in order. She organized and dissected the multiple offers we received on the house and helped us evaluate the nuanced differences in seemingly similar offers. Exhibiting both sophistication and calmness, she deftly steered us through the counter offer process that eventually yielded a selling price well over the list price.

Her extensive knowledge in the business of buying and selling homes, combined with her professionalism, integrity, and patience, make Sarah a standout. She will continue to be our agent as we begin our search for the next perfect home for our family.”

Ron C. Chapman, July 2016

“Sarah, working with you has been a great good fortune for me and I cannot thank you enough for your loyalty, energy, skill and insight. Best wishes to you & your family.”

Julia Constable Moore, May 2016

“I am so thankful that Sarah Halpin handled the listing and sale of my house! Her diligence and attention to detail were superb. From the initial meeting all the way through escrow, I knew she was always looking out for my best interests. Her integrity and understanding of the real estate transactions gave me a feeling of security throughout the process. She was hard-working, cheerful, kind and patient. Sarah had an excellent knowledge of the recent local market. Her thorough work in negotiations, contracts and amendments kept the deal on track and through closing of escrow. I was so glad that I had an amazing broker like Sarah in “my corner” when dealing with my biggest asset!”