Rozella Oliver and Evan Davis, January 2017

“When we moved to Southern California from the East Coast a little over 10 years ago, we needed a real estate agent who we could trust and who knew the Pasadena/South Pasadena/San Marino market inside and out. Several colleagues and friends recommended Sarah to us, and we are so grateful that they did.

Picky about what we were looking for, Sarah guided us through our search for the perfect starter house. Always responsive, she made herself available to see houses and was ready with the pertinent information about the homes we viewed. She helped us prepare a strong offer — and advised us where we needed to go with a counter offer — to be the winning bid on a bungalow in South Pasadena that became our home. After purchasing our new home, Sarah was invaluable in helping us find the services and referrals needed to begin our lives in our new house.

Ten years later when our family outgrew our bungalow, we turned to Sarah to help us sell our home. Once again, her experience proved priceless. With attention to detail and a command of the current micro-real estate market in South Pasadena, Sarah helped us prepare our home for listing, gave thoughtful comments about staging, drafted our disclosure documents in a timely manner, and repeatedly checked the house to ensure it was in order. She organized and dissected the multiple offers we received on the house and helped us evaluate the nuanced differences in seemingly similar offers. Exhibiting both sophistication and calmness, she deftly steered us through the counter offer process that eventually yielded a selling price well over the list price.

Her extensive knowledge in the business of buying and selling homes, combined with her professionalism, integrity, and patience, make Sarah a standout. She will continue to be our agent as we begin our search for the next perfect home for our family.”

Ron C. Chapman, July 2016

“Sarah, working with you has been a great good fortune for me and I cannot thank you enough for your loyalty, energy, skill and insight. Best wishes to you & your family.”

Julia Constable Moore, May 2016

“I am so thankful that Sarah Halpin handled the listing and sale of my house! Her diligence and attention to detail were superb. From the initial meeting all the way through escrow, I knew she was always looking out for my best interests. Her integrity and understanding of the real estate transactions gave me a feeling of security throughout the process. She was hard-working, cheerful, kind and patient. Sarah had an excellent knowledge of the recent local market. Her thorough work in negotiations, contracts and amendments kept the deal on track and through closing of escrow. I was so glad that I had an amazing broker like Sarah in “my corner” when dealing with my biggest asset!”

Omar Perez, February 2016

“Sarah analyzed the market, made thoughtful suggestions, listened intently to our feedback, scheduled showings for us promptly, offered insight on the pros and cons of different homes, patiently answered all our questions, successfully negotiated our bid to acceptance and out performed the other buyers, offered wisdom throughout the entire process, provided leads to other key professionals such as a quality home inspector who was knowledgeable and even an arborist, communicated quickly with all other parties, kept us within deadlines, and guided us through our nerve-racking first time home purchase with complete composure. This is what Sarah Halpin did for me, my wife, and our kids as we sought and purchased our first home. She epitomizes experienced, skillful professionalism and was a joy to work with. Sarah Halpin is a winner with real estate!”

Cathy Gabik, February 2016

“Our experience with Sarah Halpin was outstanding. She was always available returning calls in a timely manner, and answering all our questions. If someone needed to be in the house before it went on the market, such as a stagger, or maintenance man, and we could not be there, Sarah would make sure she could greet them and let them in. She went beyond the call, watering lawns, putting out trash, anything that would make our experience easier. We couldn’t have been happier with all that she did.”

Lucy Chapman, January 2016

“Sarah Halpin is extremely knowledgeable and responsive to her customers needs. You really feel in good hands through the whole process. She makes sure all the details are covered and negotiates the best deal possible for her clients. I can highly recommend her for the South Pasadena and Pasadena area.”

Emily Ambuul, January 2016

“Sarah Halpin was the most professional, honest, patient and capable agent we could’ve asked for. She helped us find a home beyond our expectations. She brought professionalism to a level above and her experience and capability showed throughout the negotiation process. I would highly recommend her and have absolutely no complaints.”

Jean Magistrale, Co-Trustee, August 2015

“Sarah Halpin is no ordinary agent. Rather, she is a superb, skilled professional, with a deliberate, careful, and ethical approach that is refreshing and heartening in the residential sales business. She adheres to the highest standards of the profession, yet has a friendly, calm, and down to earth manner. Sarah advised us wisely through the entire process of selling our family home. She counseled us thoughtfully on how to prepare it for sale, worked tirelessly to show it and generate offers, deftly encouraged and negotiated with prospective buyers, gave us knowledgeable and strategic advice on how to respond to offers, and prepared realms of documents promptly and skillfully–often in anticipation of events. She did all this while keeping us three trustees, who were in disparate locations, instantly informed and up to date, and she never once failed to return a call or an email no matter how late the hour. We were constantly reassured throughout by her expertise and attention to the property and to our needs and wishes concerning it. When selling or buying a house in the San Gabriel Valley, I could not imagine a more gratifying experience than working with Sarah Halpin, agent extraordinaire.”

Kelly Sturgeon, Trustee April 2015

“Sarah Halpin brings a professionalism to residential and commercial real estate that is unsurpassed.  Her thoughtful and expert approach expedited our condominium sale, and resulted in a sales price above our expectations.  Additionally, she provided a detailed and highly informative market analysis on a family owned income property.”

Kirsten and J.C. Jones, February 2015

“Last month my husband and I sold and purchased a house. The whole process went so smoothly as Sarah was so very organized and professional. Documents were always ready ahead of time and on many occasions were prepared in anticipation of a problem so it could be dealt with very quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Sarah’s experience we were able to move from one house to the other as she cleverly organized our contracts to leave us with sufficient time to move comfortably. Sarah was always available, even after hours, to answer any queries we had. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. It is so rare to work with someone who really loves what they do.”