Cynthia Ledder, May 2014

“We were so grateful to be introduced to Sarah Halpin by our attorney to help us manage my aunt’s property when she could no longer handle her own affairs. We live a long distance from the property. Sarah was instrumental in getting the house rented to outstanding renters. Then when we were ready, she took care of every detail to get the house and yard ready for open house. She over saw painting, cleaning, gardener, and inspections. Sarah was always timely and we had the house on the market within a few weeks, and sold, with many offers on the table. This was all a daunting task for me, as a trustee, living in another state. Sarah has an amazing competence, and patience under all circumstances. She went beyond that which I expected to make sure everything went well and to make sure the house and property were immaculate. Our family will always be glad Sarah was there to sell our house. Sarah was a pleasure to work with, and be with, throughout this entire process.  I absolutely recommend her without reservation.”