Jason Phan, July 2020

“Sarah recently helped my wife and I find and purchase a home in La Canada Flintridge, and we would highly recommend her. There are three things that stand out about Sarah: – Her knowledge and experience: My wife and I were planning to move to the area from San Francisco, and we met Sarah while browsing one of her open houses. We were impressed by her knowledge of the local neighborhoods and her experience as both a selling and buying agent – so much so that months later we decided to call her up from SF to help us look for properties in the area. As we started to get deeper into the process, we saw that her deep experience also extended to the negotiating process. She was able to guide us through what otherwise would have been a chaotic process of back-and-forth negotiations. – Her accommodation to our needs: Because we were not in the local area, Sarah was exceptionally accommodating to our needs. She didn’t hesitate to hop on a late night call to walk through her findings, and if there was a property we were interested in, she would always be there the next day or so to help view it for us with her phone in hand, providing a thorough recording of the property. In the fast paced world of real estate where any delay could cost you, this is absolutely what you want in an agent. We’re certain that we would not have been able to be the frontrunners for our home had she not moved fast and helped us get in before interest picked up. – Her high standard of professionalism: While Sarah was helping us with preparing and presenting offers, one thing that stuck out to us was how clear it was that she was looking out for our interests. We’ve worked with buyer agents in the past who, at times, would push on offer prices in order to “get the deal done”. Sarah is the opposite: she exuded a sense of calm and objectiveness throughout this process. In particular, there were a few instances where even as we were considering conceding more on a counter-offer, she would flat out say that she didn’t feel that the particular property warranted that price. This is something that is rare in a buying agent. When you work with Sarah, you can trust that she is looking out for your interests. In the end she was able to help us negotiate the close of a great property at a price that we were thrilled with.”