Joanne Rivens, Executor, August 2018

“Sarah Halpin was a God send! As the executor of an Estate located on the opposite coast from where I reside, I traveled to California to interview potential realtors to list my sister’s house. I interviewed fifteen agents, some offered the moon, some felt as if they were selling me the house, and some even brought gifts. I found Sarah through another source. When she arrived, there were no frills or blowing of smoke, she had a folder where she showed all the research she already completed, not just comps, she went to the assessor’s office and pulled permits, liens, and history. She was well informed and not pushy. Of course, not wanting to deal with anything I went with the guy who promised the moon, problem was he would not put it in writing. When I reached back to Sara she was more then willing to take on the listing.

Sarah was incredibly helpful and diligent. From start to finish we had the house sold in four months, that included a long probate court process. Thanks Sarah!”