Laura Pinsky, June 2017

“I don’t even know where to start to talk about Sarah Halpin. She exceeded our expectations in so many ways that I couldn’t possibly write about them all. We had a particularly challenging sale. First, the house, although it was in a desirable neighborhood, was not in particularly good shape. Secondly, we as sellers were a brother and sister pair who, while well meaning, have VERY different personalities. Our first offer fell through – the buyers and their agent were flaky. But luckily, Sarah’s sales strategy left us with a terrific backup offer. But those buyers had never actually seen the house – they lived in China. And their broker was not always communicative or helpful. Sarah was a skillful negotiator, driving a great deal for us while gracefully managing the cultural issues that exist in such a situation. She navigated all of the twists and turns like the pro that she is. Through all of this, Sarah was calm, demonstrated her tremendous thoughtfulness and expertise through the advice she offered to us, while always making sure that we knew that the ultimate decision was ours. We could not have asked for a better partner in this transaction. She fought for us every step of the way with grace, humor and patience. She artfully managed the differences in personalities between my brother and I so that we both felt secure and comfortable in our own way. Her follow up and dedication to communication every step of the way went far beyond my expectations. There is simply nothing else to say about Sarah except that I feel that anyone who chooses to partner with her in any real estate transaction will be lucky indeed.”